Failing Your Test?

Driving Test Rescue Course

Failing your driving test can really knock your confidence. Our Driving Test Rescue Course will get you back in the saddle and ready to take your test again fast.

Regain your driving confidence with our tailored Rescue Course

Drivers fail their driving test for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps your nerves got the better of you or it was taken at a particularly busy period. Perhaps you were just unlucky. Regardless of why you failed we understand that failing your driving test is a disheartening experience and one that really knocks your confidence. That’s why we’ve devised our Test Rescue Driving Package – tailored to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

For just £150.00 we’ll give you 6 hours of tailored manual driving tuition including use of car on practical test. We’ll focus on your weak areas and give you techniques to help calm your nerves on test day.

If you prefer to take our Driving Test Rescue course in an automatic car then that’s fine too, our Rescue Course is just £170.00 in an automatic car including use of car on practical test.

Our skilled and patient driving instructors have helped many drivers just like you. Get in touch and take the first step towards passing your test with flying colours.

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