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Intensive Driving Courses Colchester

Hero Driving School provide Intensive Driving if you are in a hurry to pass your test for whatever reason. Depending on the competence of your driving and the number of hours you might need to reach practical exam level, you could become a full UK licence holder in just a week if you have already completed the theory and hazard perception elements of the test. However, this should not be seen as just a quick way to pass your test. If you are not prepared enough or able to drive well enough, you will fail and would have spent a lot of money in the process.

Intensive Driving Course Breakdown

Intensive Driving Courses are suitable for people who want to pass their driving test in one to two weeks and don’t want to spend months and years learning. See also our semi ­intensive driving courses alternative.

If you are looking to take an intensive driving course then you can rely on Hero Driving School. We assure that you will be assigned the same instructor so that you can gain trust in the person who is teaching you.

Your course will run smoothly and with our focus on no car sharing you will benefit from one-to-one tuition from a DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) approved driving instructor.

What you need to know before you start

You must hold a provisional UK driving licence -­ Click here.

You will need to have passed your theory test before the start date of your intensive driving course as it is not possible to book a practical driving test with the DVSA without this, we can help you with passing your theory test with our extensive knowledge of the highway code and recommended help resources.

You will have the same driving instructor for the duration of your course and you will learn on a one to one basis with no other pupils in the car.

How long it will take?

It takes one or two weeks. But it really depends on the individual as the courses is taught on case by case basis. You can discuss with your instructor what you think would be best for you.



Manual Intensive Driving Courses




Automatic Intensive Driving Courses


Duration: 16 Hours: This is an ideal course for someone who is nearing test standard or has just failed a test and needs to work on specific areas to obtain a pass.

Duration: 20 Hours: Course is appropriate for learners that have 10 to 15 hours of previous driving experience, familiar with controls and simple junctions.

Duration: 30 Hours: Course is recommended for learners that have 5 to 10 hours of previous driving experience who is well coordinated and quick learner.

Duration: 40 Hours: Course is appropriate for those that are complete novices at driving and feel they require that little bit extra help.


Terms and Conditions Intensive Courses:

Our intensive driving course prices exclude the theory and practical test fees. We are able to book these for you if you want, just let us know. We will need £200 deposit to register you on the course. Intensive courses are non-refundable if you cancel. The remaining balance must be paid in full by cash, or bank transfer two weeks before you start your practical driving lessons. The course must be completed within 12 months from the date you pass your theory test. If your instructor feels that you are not ready to take your practical driving test, due to safety reasons, then you the pupil will not be allowed to take your driving test. If this is the case you will lose your test fee and will not be offered a refund of any unused hours or any deposit or test fees.  Once the course hours have been organised into the driving instructors diary, If a pupil then cancels a driving day and it is less than 2 full clear weeks from the lesson start date, then those lessons will be charged as normal and time lost. We cannot rearrange a course once you have agreed the times with the driving instructor at short notice. Please note that these prices may vary subject to geographical locations.

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