Driving Lessons in Clacton On Sea

Driving Lessons in Clacton On Sea

Hero Driving School: Driving Lessons in Clacton On Sea

Your goal is undoubtedly to pass your driving test, so the team at Hero Driving School are going to show you how to pass the driving test first time, how to save over £500 and how you can make sure you get the right driving instructor in Clacton.

Oh and you are going to see all of this right now…

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How To Pass Your Test First Time

This is the question every learner driver wants the answer to and there are two parts to answer it. The first part is about what the driving examiner is looking for and you will learn this on the first lesson and repeat it on ever lesson.

The driving examiner wants to make sure …

1. You are obeying the Highway Code
2. IN control of the car at all time
3. Spotting and avoiding hazards
4. Wanting to be a safe driver.

So on everything you learn those 4 points will be your bedrock, and that will make you pass.
But there is a second part to this answer and that is knowing you are ready.

Therefore you will have passed a mock test and be driving without our support, that will show you are ready.

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How to save over £500 on getting your driving licence

You are now at the part where every learner taking driving lessons in Clacton On Sea wants to read, how to save £500, well actually it can be a lot more than that!

The savings come in 3 parts. The amounts of lessons you take, removing the need for private practice and passing first time. Each will saving you around £300n so around £900 overall.

What you need to know is that the DVSA say the average number of lessons to pass the driving test us 47 hours, and that goes along with 20 hours of private practice..and you need two tests.
But you don’t want to be average and here is how you will improve on that.

The average learner includes people who have a stop, start approach to learning where they take a few lessons then stop for a while before carrying on. Also it includes people who take hourly lessons once a week.
Now for every 4 hours of training when doing hourly lessons we reckon you lose 1 hour, because in the lesson the following week you can’t remember what you did and need a recap. Its no different to when you were at school, everyone had one subject consisting of one hour a week, and it took you 15 to 20 minutes to recap and go over what you earned.

So what you need to do is take double lessons at 2 hours a time and do this every 3 or 4 days. You will learn more quickly, but overall you will need far fewer lessons. We reckon it can save you as many as 12 hours. Oh and you will not need private practice.

Private practice is a real money sapper with may learners paying around £30 a week for insurance and fuel. Imagine that over 3 months. Combining that with out strategy to help you pass first time you can save a lot of time, and so much money which is far better spent on your first car.

Driving Lessons in Clacton On Sea

How to get the best driving lessons in Clacton On Sea

How can you tell which is the best driving school in Clacton on Sea when there are many to choose from and having no real direction to take when choosing a school. We have put together a small collection of notes you you to consider.

1. Did you know all driving instructor receive a grade relating to their ability? They are graded as Being an A, B or a fail. You ought to ask.

2. Also ask when was the instructor last graded?

3. And ask what further training have they since taken to maintain and improve their services?

Just these 3 question will help you massively.

Intensive Driving Courses in Clacton On Sea

If you want an intensive driving course in Clacton On Sea then you have come to the right place, but we do things a little different here to most schools offering intensive driving lessons in Clacton On Sea because we do not promote crash courses.

The pass rate for the typical crash course is very lower, think in the region of 1/10 ouch! So what we do is teach you over a 3 to 4 week period, keep you fresh, relaxed and where you can learn and pass really quickly.

Automatic Driving Lessons in Clacton On Sea

There are loads of learner drivers wanting automatic driving lessons in Clacton In Sea and there are a few reasons, the biggest being the fact that driving an automatic s so easy. If you are not too worried by the masculine thinking behind driving “cars must have gears” then you can learn quick and have cheap driving lessons in Clacton On Sea as a result.

In todays modern world more and more cars are Auto, all the electric ones are automatic so when you have the might of Renault and Nissan pushing electric and most manufacturers having hybrid cars with auto transmission you know this is a great thing.

Changes in Driving Test

HEROS are aware of the changes in the driving test starting from 4th of December. This includes the use of a sat nav as well as increasing the independent driving part of the test to 20 minutes. HEROS have already started to implement these changes within the lessons itself by including the use of a sat nav and getting learners carry out independent driving themselves within mock tests.

To find out more about these changes please visit- https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-test-changes-4-december-2017

Hero Driving school has significant years of experience, our instructors are experts in their field whether that be manual or automatic driving lessons.

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We have both manual and automatic cars for you to learn in but we do get busy so please call us today 07500 80 60 60.


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