Driving Lesson in Dedham
Driving Lesson in Dedham


Hero Driving School: Driving Lesson in Dedham, Colchester

Hero Driving School is going to show how you can save over £500 on passing your driving test in Dedham Colchester. No it is not a joke, you read that correctly!
Many people just like you are searching for cheap driving lessons in Dedham, Colchester and if they are lucky they may save £100, but at Hero Driving School we can save you much more!

Ensuring you save money on your driving test!

Here are a few statistics and facts we base our unparalleled service and support on;

1. The DVSA state that the average learner driver needs forty seven hours of professional tuition.
2. They also say you need an additional 20 hours of private practice.
3. 50% of all driving tests end in a fail.

Ok so now let us break down these facts and show you how to save some serious cash.

Firstly, who wants to be “average”? The average person includes those students who are nonchalant and take just one hour a week of tuition and unfortunately, they do not get anywhere fast. It is pretty much impossible to pick up where you left in your next lesson as it won’t be fresh on your mind so what happens is that you have to recap what you did previously basically 1 step forward half a step back!

For argument’s sake lets say it takes roughly 15 minutes to recap and get you back to the standard you left off at, It means that for every 4 hours you are wasting one hour recapping and going over what you had forgotten. Therefore with 47 hours, you could be overspending by an astonishing 12 hours, and that’s around £300. Do you want to spend that much?

What you need to do is take lessons on every 3rd or 4th day, that keeps you fresh and on top of things, also make sure to take a 90 minute or a 2 hour lesson as this will ensure you are driving for longer and gaining residual memory. This will increase your learning, and of course, your enjoyment, not to mention keeping the cost down!

Our Instructors Experience:

Our instructor’s experience is second to none and as you adopt our style of learning there will be no need for private practice.
With private practice you have to either have a car or use a family/ friends, that can easily rack up £30+ per week due to insurance, wear and tear and not to mention you have to be with someone with the experience to be allowed to drive anyway. This process therefore has several drawbacks, not to mention in private practice you may pick up bad habits.
It doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but over say 6 months an £500 cost is easily incurred.
But you will not need that if you follow our lesson plan.

So far we have shown you how to save well over £500, but we can do more…

Driving Instructors in Dedham, Colchester

How To Pass First Time And Save Around £500?!

The pass rate is around 50% which means you have a one in 2 chance of passing your test of course, but why not mitigate this. Why rely on a coin flip basically?
We are here to show you how to pass your test first time and become an expert driver that is safe for their fellow motorist and has that extra cash in their pockets to spend however you see fit!

The driving examiner is looking for four key things within your driving ability.

They are:

1. To follow the Highway Code down to the letter.
2. Ensuring safety; having the desire to be safe.
3. Hazard perception: Spotting and avoiding them.
4. Control: over the vehicle at all times.

If that is what the driving examiner is looking for surely it makes sense to apply these four steps to every aspect of driving during your time with us as if we can perfect this there will be no reason to fail? So let’s not give them one!
The end result is clear, you will go into your driving test confident! Therefore luck, chance or even a rabbit’s foot won’t be necessary! 

Driving Schools in Dedham, Colchester

What Questions Should You Ask?

Obviously, we think we are the best driving school in Dedham, Colchester for you to choose however we want to go a few steps further and prove this to you, even before you pick up the phone. Trust is earned not given after all!

It is hard as a learner driver wanting driving lessons in Dedham, Colchester because there are so many driving instructors and driving schools to choose from so which one do you choose? They all look the same and most learners ask about the prices of driving lessons in Dedham, Colchester, the pass rate, areas covered and the type of car used.

 What you should ask are the following;

1. Ask the driving school if they have Pass Plus + courses for people who have passed their driving test. All instructors know the driving test doesn’t cover everything such as driving in bad weather, at night or on the motorway so an indicator of a good school is one that offers Pass Plus and Motorway lessons. Furthermore, if the school offers training to become a driving instructor they must offer at a high level.

2. You probably won’t know this but all driving instructors in Dedham, Colchester receive a grade from what is called a Standards Check, the grades awarded are A, B and a fail. If the person has failed they can still teach for a limited time. So ask them!

3. Some driving instructors are in fact trainees, and while they can be really good and offer you a super service, you need to know if they are a trainee or fully qualified as the experience a trainee has will of course be less than a fully fledged instructor.

Therefore when you phone us or any other driving instructor/school in Dedham, Colchester, remember these points and use them to help you find the best one for you!

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Call or text us on 07500 806060 or 0800 772 3215 to get on the road to success!


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