Driving School in Halstead Essex
Driving School in Halstead Essex

Hero Driving School: Driving School in Halstead Essex

Hero Driving school can offer great deals when you start off your first few lessons. Yes, driving lessons can be expensive however we promise that with the price we offer, we will ensure effective and efficient lessons. A lot of students tend to search low-cost lessons in Halstead but as the phrase states “you get what you pay for” low-priced lessons tend to show lack of informative and affective lessons. Therefore we ensure that we defy the phrase and we offer quality lessons from prices as low as £25.

On average a new student takes 45 lessons to pass however Hero in the past have managed to pass their students within 30 to 35 lessons averagely. As well as time you will be able to save money where 45 lessons will cost £1,125 whereas 30 lessons will cost only £750 saving you a large sum of £375.

Driving Lessons in Halstead Essex

HEROS offers tailored lessons based on your needs. Every student learns differently and whether you are a beginner or have some sort of experience we are able to offer lessons entirely based on your needs. The pass rate in the UK is roughly 50%, therefore, passing an driving test first time is very difficult. HEROS understands this and therefore within each lessons we imply numerous of factors that not only enables the student to pass within first 3 tests but also implements the students to become a safe and reliable driver.

Each lesson consists of:

1. Following highway code
2. Safety – spotting hazards and avoiding them 
3. Keeping the car under control especially during maneuvers
4. Understanding the mechanics of the car and what’s under the hood 

Each of the following enables the student to become fully equipped for not only the test but for the future as well.

As mentioned above HEROS enables a wide range of teaching methods-

Manual Driving School – this is the use of the clutch when driving a car. This can ensure that a manual driver can also drive any car including automatic. Learning a manual method allows the student to understand the different gears and what they implement as well as aid the control of the car such as your speed.

Intensive Driving School – HERO driving school also include intensive crash course this is where there is a specific need to pass in a quicker time than an average learner. Depending on the individual and how quick you learn you may be able to hold a full valid UK license within just a week of starting your lessons. Although this may be appealing to individuals if you are not prepared enough to be able to pass the test it can lead to a large loss of money as well as a waste of time.

Within each lesson, we ensure that we stand by our values which make up the HE.R.O name-

Helpful: Driving once the fundamentals are installed is not difficult. What we need to do is be helpful to ensure you understand that as long as you are being safe, you will pass your test.

Expert: With our instructors expertise we ensure you know everything required for your test, not to mention we also show you how you can pass first time and save an astonishing £500 by using Hero Driving School in comparison to others.

Responsible: We take what we do seriously, it is our duty to ensure your safety and those of other motorists. We are responsible for your driving pattern and behaviour and ensuring it is done right each and every lesson means you do not pick up bad habits and therefore no lesson is wasted and we achieve maximum efficiency!

Observing: We observe everything you do, our job is not just to teach but to maintain that level of discipline so when you do pass you are as safe as you were when we were with you. We pick up on your strengths and weaknesses to ensure we focus on bettering the weaknesses, therefore, time and money are not wasted in practicing things you are expert at.

Changes in Driving Test

HEROS are aware of the changes in the driving test starting from 4th of December. This includes the use of a sat nav as well as increasing the independent driving part of the test to 20 minutes. HEROS have already started to implement these changes within the lessons itself by including the use of a sat nav and getting learners carry out independent driving themselves within mock tests.

To find out more about these changes please visit- https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-test-changes-4-december-2017

Hero Driving school has significant years of experience, our instructors are experts in their field whether that be manual or automatic. So what are you waiting for?

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You have seen what a great service we have already started to give you, no other driving school in Halstead Essex offers out this sort of valuable information, so if you have been impressed just phone us now 07500 80 60 60.

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